Dear Knowledge Web Industry Board member,
The Knowledge Web Network of Excellence has finished, and we would like to thank you for your participation and support over the last 4 years. In this final mailing we would like to show you where you can find results from our activities as well as inform you how you can continue to be involved in the uptake of semantic technologies.

Our Industry Portal has been relaunced for the end of the network. You no longer need a login to access the information, and we have aggregated all major results of our activities under the headings "Industrial Application Needs", "Technology Evaluation", "Technology Recommendation" and "Semantic Technologies". Furthermore you will find details there of conferences, newsletters, initiatives and publications related to Knowledge Web.

A number of key results are available from the front page:

    Our Tools and Applications Repository can help you find the appropriate semantic technology for your project
  1. The REASE repository for learning materials provides you with slides from Semantic Web experts and presentations of industrial application of semantic technology
  2. Our Technology Roadmap places semantic technologies under the microscope and identifies how enterprises can benefit from them in both delivering new products and services and creating new business value
  3. The Ontology Outreach Advisory is an international not-for-profit association which will continue to promote semantic technology to industry, and you can join other industry, government, and research leaders in becoming a member

Please note you will not only be able to download the electronic version of the Technology Roadmap but also we will give you shortly the opportunity to receive paper copies for distribution in your company.

Finally, we will continue activities promoting semantic technology uptake in industry through the Ontology Outreach Advisory (OOA). More information about this organisation is available at

You are invited to join the OOA and participate in domain chapters focused on a vertical market sector (currently active are eHealth and Human Resources) or working groups focused on horizontal issues (currently active are Ontology Quality and Ontology Inreach).

We hope to continue to work with you through the OOA in ensuring that semantic technology can benefit modern enterprises. An invitation to join our Working Group "Ontology Inreach" will be sent to you shortly. Further information can be found already at
Best Regards,
Lyndon Nixon
Industry Area Co-Manager
Knowledge Web NoE