The purpose is to compare empirically different types of tools with the same testing strategy and on the same test suite (as in WP 2.1). Special attention to tools interoperability will be examined. The utility of different types of ontology-based tools for carrying out given development tasks in the use cases and industrial scenarios identified on WP1.1 will be evaluated. Ultimately, a certification procedure will be defined for those ontology-based tools that have a consistent level of quality and thus acceptance by industry. A proposal of a unified Semantic Web Framework (SWF) for testing interoperability of ontology based tools in the light of the results of the tool benchmarking activity and use case needs. The framework should ease the use of configurable tools for the use cases of industrial scenarios. The framework will cover all aspects of creating, applying, maintaining, evolving and using ontologies and semantic web applications. Ontology content evaluation will analyze and compare the suitability of ontologies on the same subject matter for a particular type of application as described in the uses cases and industrial scenarios.