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Educational Deliverables


D3.1.1: Specification of VISWE tasks and goals (as result of a requirements analysis)
D3.1.2: Document on organizational structure and legal form of VISWE to which all participating partners have agreed
D3.1.3: First version of the EASE association statutes
D3.1.4: Requirements for a joint e-learning infrastructure
D3.1.5: Published learning resources, quality guidelines and procedure, and usage of learning resources
D3.1.5v2: Published Learning Resources and Evaluation of REASE
D3.1.5v3: Published Learning Resources and Status of REASE
D3.1.6: Report on the foundation of EASE, including the final version of the EASE statutes, signed by the founding members, the protocol of the founding general assembly, and the organizational structure of EASE
D3.2.10: Summer School 2006
D3.2.11: Initial experiences from the shared masters program
D3.2.12: Summer school 2007
D3.2.1v1: Learning unit collection available
D3.2.2: Report on educational events
D3.2.3: Report on core curricula in Ontology and Semantic Web
D3.2.4: Joint curriculum for a shared masters programm
D3.2.5: Procedure for the shared masters programm, version 1
D3.2.5v2: Procedure for the shared masters program, version 2
D3.2.6: Summer school 2005
D3.2.8: Report on PhD student network activity
D3.2.8v2: Report on PhD network activities, version 2
D3.2.9: Report on Industry-education cooperation
D3.3.1: Report on the agreed metadata standard for learning units
D3.3.2v1: Basic infrastructure available, provides initial learning unit collection from task 3.2.3
D3.3.2v2: Basic infrastructure available, provides initial learning unit collection from task 3.2.3
D3.3.3: Prototype of advanced learning platform (ASPL-v1)
D3.3.4: Report on collaboration with IMS consortium and ProLEARN
D3.3.5: Evaluation of prototype (ASPL-1)
D3.3.6v1: Report on the current status of ASPL
D3.3.7: Report on the status and evaluation of ASPL-v2
D3.3.8: Final demonstrator of ASPL and its components