Results of the Industry-Research co-operation on Semantic Web Services

Chosen Use Case: Dynamic Business to Business Integration
KW Partners: DERI Galway, DERI Innsbruck
IB Member: Bell Labs Ireland

In this Industry-Research co-operation, a number of scenarios within the B2B integration scenario were identified, involving data mediation, discovery, and composition of services.
All these use cases has been evaluated as part of the Semantic Web Services Challenge, see
This is an important step when proving the added value of the semantic web service technology applied to the B2B integration domain.


The main industry requirement identified with the industry partner was the ability to react to changes in the back-end systems. By means of semantic technologies and semantic descriptions of services, we have demonstrated that changes in back-end systems require changes in semantic descriptions only. We assume that the effort for changes of semantic descriptions is significantly lower than effort in changes of environment built on traditional approaches.

The Industry-Research co-operation has demonstrably solved a business case from the B2B domain. We have shown how the technology deals with requirements from B2B domain and how this technology reacts to changes in back-end systems which might occur over systems lifetime. A more elaborated comparison and discussion on existing solutions and our semantic technology need to be done. We plan to address this issue in upcoming SWS Challenge sessions. We would be interested in hearing from enterprises who would be interested in working with us on a real world business case.
Our prototype is available and we organize tutorials on this topic and we have demonstrated our work in the SWS Challenge workshop.

Example of dynamic B2B mediation using Semantic Web Services

The following scenarios have been realised as part of the Semantic Web Services Challenge:

    Maciej Zaremba, Tomas Vitvar, Matthew Moran, Thomas Haselwanter: Mediation Scenario Addressing the mediation scenario for B2B integration when proprietary back-end systems of one company needed to be integrated with a partner using RosettaNet standard. Whole scenario has been successfully addressed.
  1. Maciej Zaremba, Tomas Vitvar, Matthew Moran: Discovery Scenario. Addressing discovery scenario when a supplier needed to be discovered and selected from suitable ones. Whole scenario has been successfully addressed.
  2. Maciej Zaremba, Tomas Vitvar, Matthew Moran: Composition Scenario. Addressing composition scenario when more services can satisfy the user need. Whole scenario has been successfully addressed.

T. Vitvar, M. Zaremba, M. Moran: Dynamic Service Discovery through Meta-Interactions with Service Providers , In Proceedings of the 4th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2007) , Springer-Verlag LNCS series, June, 2007, Innsbruck, Austria.
T. Hasselwanter, P. Kotinurmi, M. Moran, T. Vitvar, M. Zaremba: WSMX: a Semantic Service Oriented Middleware for B2B Integration , In proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing , Springer-Verlag LNCS series, December, 2006, Chicago, USA.
T. Vitvar, M. Zaremba, M. Moran, A. Haller, P. Kotinurmi: Semantic SOA to Promote Integration of Heterogeneous B2B Services , The 4th IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services (EEE07) , IEEE Computer Society, July, 2007, Tokyo, Japan.

For more information about this Industry-Research co-operation please contact Dr Lyndon Nixon, Knowledge Web Industry Area co-manager