Sergio Tessaris

Full Name: Sergio Tessaris
Gender: Male
belongs to: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
is author of: A Multi-Agent System for Querying Heterogeneous Data Sources with Ontologies An ontology based visual tool for query formulation support D2.2.1v2: Specification of a common framework for characterizing alignment D2.2.3: State of the art on current alignment techniques D2.5.3: Report on Inplementataion and Optimisation Techniques for Ontology Query Systems Logical Reconstruction of RDF and Ontology Languages Logical Reconstruction of normative RDF Proceedings of the 2007 Description Logic Workshop (DL-2007) Rules and Queries with Ontologies: a Unified Logical Framework Rules and Queries with Ontologies: a Unifying Logical Framework SEWASIE (Semantic Web and AgentS in Integrated Economies) project: Usability Evaluation Tests Semantics driven support for query formulation The logic of RDF and SPARQL: a tutorial Usability evaluation tests in the SeWAsIE (SEmantic Webs and AgentS in Integrated Economies) project
is involved in: T2.5.1: Cooperation and coordination with rule language development activities T2.5.2: Participation in query language development efforts T2.5.3: Participation in any relevant query language standardization efforts T2.5.4: Monitoring of and participation in efforts to design additional language layers or to extend existing languages T2.5.5: Management and Self-assessment
works in: WP2.1: Scalability WP2.2: Heterogenity WP2.5: Semantic Web Language Extensions WP3.2: Educational Contents and Event Provision