Vassilis Tzouvaras

Full Name: Vassilis Tzouvaras
Date of Birth: 07 - 08 - 1975
Country: Greece
City: Athens
Zip code: 15780
Street Address: 9 Iroon Polytexneiou
Gender: Male
belongs to: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
is author of: A Fuzzy Description Logic for Multimedia Knowledge Representation D2.1.3.1: Report on modularization of ontologies Fuzzy OWL: Uncertainty and the Semantic Web The Fuzzy Description Logic f-SHIN
is involved in: T2.1.1: State of the art on the technology participating on the scalability WP T2.1.2: Approximate reasoning with ontologies T2.2.1: Continous research on alignment alignment semantics T2.3.1: Ontology versioning T2.5.1: Cooperation and coordination with rule language development activities
works in: WP2.1: Scalability WP2.2: Heterogenity WP2.3: Dynamics WP2.5: Semantic Web Language Extensions