Wolf Siberski

Full Name: Wolf Siberski
Homepage: ~siberski
Country: Germany
City: Hannover
Zip code: 30539
Street Address: Expo Plaza 1, Deutscher Pavillon
Telephone: +49 511 762 9759
Fax: +49 511 762 9779
Gender: Male
belongs to: L3S Research Center
is author of: Agenda Education Area Kickoff Meeting, Madrid Crete - Education Area Presentation D1.2.2: Report on Semantic Web Framework requirements analysis D2.5.2: Report on query language design and standarization D3.1.2: Document on organizational structure and legal form of VISWE to which all participating partners have agreed D3.3.2v2: Basic infrastructure available, provides initial learning unit collection from task 3.2.3 D3.3.4: Report on collaboration with IMS consortium and ProLEARN Kick-off - WP3.2 presentation Manchester - Education area: Slides education area + WP3.1 3.2
is involved in: T2.1.2: Approximate reasoning with ontologies T2.5.2: Participation in query language development efforts T3.1.1: Conducting a detailed requirements analysis for EASE T3.1.2: Investigation of prior attempts T3.2.1: Educational Events: PhD Student network / PhD symposium T3.2.2: Educational Events: Joint Industry-Education Cooperation T3.2.3: Educational Events: Summer schools T3.2.8: Self-assessment T3.3.1: Agreement on formats, metadata standards, etc. T3.3.2: Setup of learning management system as repository for learning units
leads: T3.2.1: Educational Events: PhD Student network / PhD symposium T3.2.8: Self-assessment
works in: WP1.2: Evaluation for technology selection WP1.5: Cross Network cooperations WP2.1: Scalability WP2.5: Semantic Web Language Extensions WP3.2: Educational Contents and Event Provision WP4.3: Technical Management