Marc Ehrig

Full Name: Marc Ehrig
Homepage: viewPerson?id_db=80
Date of Birth: 02/09/1976
Role: PhD student
Country: Germany
City: Karlsruhe
Zip code: 76128
Street Address: Kollegiengebäude am Ehrenhof, Englerstrasse 11
Telephone: ++49 721 608 7362
Fax: +49 721 608-7362
Gender: Male
belongs to: University of Karlsruhe
is author of: D1. Utility of merging and alignment tools D2.2.1v2: Specification of a common framework for characterizing alignment D2.2.2: Specification of a benchmarking methodology for alignment techniques D2.2.3: State of the art on current alignment techniques
is involved in: T2.2.1: Continous research on alignment alignment semantics T2.2.2: Design and implementation of a benchmark suite for alignment T2.2.3: Research on integration techniques and implementations T2.2.4: Research on alignment techniques and implementations T2.2.5: Definition of the format for delivering alignment T2.2.6: Management and Self-assessment
works in: WP2.2: Heterogenity