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Workshop on Regulatory Ontologies

Larnaca, Cyprus 25/10/2004 -29/10/2004
In many application areas (such as e-commerce, e-governments, content standardizations, legal information systems etc.), the modeling of regulatory and legal knowledge is a critical. Modeling and deploying regulatory knowledge has some specifics that differentiate it out from other kinds of knowledge modeling: reasoning methods and application scenarios, the legal weight (/order) of regulations, parsing legal texts requires special semantic patterns, the sensitivity in cross-boarder regulations, etc. This workshop aims at bringing together academics, researchers, professionals and industrial practitioners to discuss issues involved in modeling regulatory ontologies. Regulatory ontologies typically involve the description of rules and regulations within the social world. In particular, we seek original contributions on the following issues of interest, but not limited to: Engineering of regulatory ontologies: conceptual analysis, representation, modularization and layering, reusability, evolution and dynamics, etc; Multilingual and terminological aspects of regulatory ontologies; Models of legal reasoning (from ontological viewpoint): regulatory compliance, case-based reasoning, reasoning with uncertainty, etc. Sensitivity on and harmonization of regulations; Regulatory metadata and content standardization (e.g. legal-XML/LeXML, ADR/ODR-XML,...); Regulatory ontologies of: property rights, persons and organizations, legal procedures, contracts, legal causality, etc; Task models for socially regulated activities; Experiences with projects and applications involving regulatory ontologies in legal knowledge based systems, legal information retrieval, e-governments, e-commerce; Automated extraction of Information from regulatory documents.

For more information: http://www.starlab.vub.ac.be/staff/mustafa/WORM_2004.htm