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T-Rex exchange between UIBK and NUIG (Ruben Lara)

Start date: 22/07/2004
End date: 30/09/2004
Topic: WSMO discovery
Abstract: Web Services promise a new level of functionality on top of the current Web. However, current Web Service technologies only provide syntactical descriptions of Web Services and, therefore, they are not amenable to automation. The efforts of WSMO aim at describing Web Services and their related aspects with well-defined, formal semantics, thus providing a basis for the automatization of various tasks in the Web Service usage process. During the exchange with NUIG, which has taken place from July 22nd to September 30th 2004, we have focused on the exploitation of semantic descriptions of Web Services and user goals to automatically discover i.e. locate Web Services that can fulfill a given goal. We have investigated a logical framework which, based on the WSMO conceptual model, provides such functionality. In addition, we have further investigated the distinction of capabilities and constraints in the Web Service context and their role in WSMO.
Final report: T-Rex.pdf
has host: National University of Ireland Galway
has participant: Rubén Lara Hernández