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Book (25)

3rd International Workshop on Evaluation of Ontology based Tools (EON2004)
5th International Workshop on Evaluation of Ontologies and Ontology-based Tools
Contex Representation and Reasoning (CRR-2005)
Contexts and Ontologies: Theory, Practice and Applications (C&O-2005)
Contexts and Ontologies: Theory, Practice and Applications (C&O-2006)
Engineering Knowledge in the Age of the Semantic Web
ESWC2006 Proceedings
Formal Ontologies Meet Industry (FOMI-2006)
Information Sharing on the Semantic Web
Knowledge Web Technology Roadmap
Meaning Coordination and Negotiation
Ontological Engineering
Ontology Matching (OM-2006)
Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management (P2PKM-2005)
Proceedings of the 2007 Description Logic Workshop (DL-2007)
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems (SEBD 2005)
Semantic Web Primer
Semantic Web Services 2004
Semantic Web: Applications and Perspectives (SWAP-2005)
SWWC 2004 Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Web Communities
The First International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management (P2PKM)
The Semantic Web - ASWC 2006
The Semantic Web: Research and Applications
Workshop on Modular Ontologies (WoMO-2006)
Workshop Ontologie-basiertes Wissensmanagement

Poster in Conference (2)

Data Cleansing for Numerical Data Sets
The ODESeW 2.0 Semantic Web application framework

Article in Book (10)

A Distributed Approach to Knowledge Management, the Concept of Knowledge Nodes, and their Implications
Applying Functional Languages in Knowledge-Based Information Integration Systems
Knowledge based methods in reduction cost processes
NLP Techniques for Term Extraction and Ontology Population
Ontology Development Methodologies
Semantic aspects of Web Services
Semantic Coordination of Heterogeneous Classifications Schemas
Semantic layering with Magpie
Temporal Description Logics
The Semantic Web from an Industry Perspective

Article in Conference (95)

A Conceptual Comparison of WSMO and OWL-S
A Data Warehouse Conceptual Data Model
A Knowledge Discovery Workbench for the Semantic Web
A Large Scale Taxonomy Mapping Evaluation
A Logic-based Approach for Query Refinement
A Minimalist Approach to Semantic Annotations for Web Processes Compositions
A Multi-Agent System for Querying Heterogeneous Data Sources with Ontologies
A platform for the development of Semantic Web portals
A String Metric for Ontology Alignment
A Study in Empirical and `Casuistic' Analysis of Ontology Mapping Results
A Tool for the Automated Composition of Semantic Web Services
Ad-hoc Invocation of Semantic Web Services
Advanced Design of Semantic Web Portal: ODESeW2
An Approach for Step-By-Step Query Refinement in the Ontology-based Information Retrieval
An Extensible Directory Enabling Efficient Semantic Web Service Integration
An integrated view of KM: Toward a Project Learning Organization
An Intelligent Query Interface with Natural Language Support
An ontology based visual tool for query formulation support
An ontology for the description and navigation through philosophical resources
Application of Semantic Web Technologies in the Human Resource Domain
Argumentation over Ontology Correspondences in MAS
Aspects of distributed and modular ontology reasoning
Automated Composition of Semantic Web Services into Executable Processes
Automatic Creation and Monitoring of Semantic Metadata in a Dynamic Knowledge Portal
Benchmark Suites for Improving the RDF(S) Importers and Exporters of Ontology Development Tools
Benchmarking de la tecnología de la Web Semántica
Benchmarking ontology tools. A case study for the WebODE platform
Benchmarking the RDF(S) interoperability of ontology tools
Bootstrapping Semantics on the Web: Meaning Elicitation from Schemas
Brokers on cost management make use of knowledge based practices and ontology based tools
Can WebLogs enable legitimate peripheral participation and boundary encounters?
Case Studies on Ontology Reuse
CLOnE: Controlled Language for Ontology Editing
Community-Driven Ontology Management: DERI Case Study
Community-Driven Ontology Matching
Complexity and Approximation of Fixing Numerical Attributes in Databases Under Integrity Constraints
Configuration of Web Services as Parametric Design
Content Augmentation for Mixed-Mode News Broadcasts.
Context-enhanced Ontology Reuse
Coordinating Mobile Databases: A System Demonstration
Coordinating Semantic Peers
Creating Ontologies for Content Representation -- the OntoSeed Suite
Default Reasoning over Domains and Concept Hierarchies
DEMO - Design Environment for Metadata Ontologies
Discovering Missing Background Knowledge in Ontology Matching
DRAGO: Distributed reasoning architecture for the semantic web
Dynamic Integration of Medical Ontologies in Large Scale
Editing as a Data Repair Problem: a Logical Formalisation
Efficient semantic matching
Enabling Real World Semantic Web Applications Through a Co-ordination Middleware
Encoding classifications into lightweight ontologies
Foundations for DAML-S: Aligning DAML-S to DOLCE
Foundations for Service Ontologies: Aligning OWL-S to DOLCE
From Software APIs to Web Service Ontologies: a Semi-Automatic Extraction Method
General Concept Inclusions in Fuzzy Description Logics
GridVine: Building Internet-Scale Semantic Overlay Networks
Guidelines for benchmarking the performance of ontology management APIs
Hierarchical, Perceptron-like Learning for Ontology Based Information Extraction
Index Structures and Algorithms for Querying Distributed RDF Repositories
Interoperability of Protégé using RDF(S) as interchange language
Introduction to Semantic Web Ontology Languages
IWTrust: Improving User Trust in Answers from the Web
Magpie - towards a semantic web browser
Magpie: Browsing and Navigating on the Semantic Web
Matching hierarchical classifications with attributes
On Identifying Knowledge Processing Requirements
Ontologies as Intra-Organizational Coordination Tools
Ontology-based Customer Complaint Management
Opening Up Magpie via Semantic Services
Paving the way towards the e-humanities
Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management
Purchasing processes: a semantic based tool and methodology
Queries and Updates in the coDB Peer to Peer Database System
S-Match: an algorithm and an implementation of semantic matching
Semantic Schema Matching
Semantic Web Applications: Fields and Business Cases.The Industry Challenges the Research.
Semantic Webs for Learning: A Vision and Its Realization.
SEWASIE (Semantic Web and AgentS in Integrated Economies) project: Usability Evaluation Tests
Soundness of Schema Matching Methods
Structure-Based Partitioning of Large Class Hierarchies
Study on Integrating Semantic Applications with Magpie
The GMD Data Model and Algebra for Multidimensional Information
The logic of RDF and SPARQL: a tutorial
The ODESeW platform as a tool for managing EU projects: the Knowledge Web case study
The role of lexical resources in matching classification schemas
Towards a Cost Estimation Model for Ontology Engineering
Towards a reuse-oriented methodology for ontology engineering
Towards a Structured Analysis of Approximate Problem Solving: a Case Study in Classification
Towards a tuplespace-based middleware for the Semantic Web
Usability evaluation tests in the SeWAsIE (SEmantic Webs and AgentS in Integrated Economies) project
Using Context Information to Improve Ontology Reuse
Visual modeling of OWL DL ontologies using UML
Web Explanations for Semantic Heterogeneity Discovery
Web-Assisted Annotation, Semantic Indexing and Search of Television and Radio News
XQBE: the Swiss Army Knife for Semi-structured Data

Article in Journal (20)

A Survey of Schema-based Matching Approaches
Achieving Higher-level Learning Through Adaptable Semantic Web Applications
Contextual Reasoning
Contextualizing Ontologies
Cooperative environment for the negotiation of term taxonomies in digital libraries
Editorial of Formal Ontology meets Industry
Encoding Classifications into Lightweight Ontologies
Modelling Web Service Composition for Deductive Web Mining
On Using Conceptual Data Modeling for Ontology Engineering
Ontology Methodologies: a survey
Peer--To--Peer Semantic Coordination
REASE: The Repository for Learning Units about the Semantic Web
Reasoning with Very Expressive Fuzzy Description Logics
Representations for semantic learning webs
Semantic Matching
Semantic Matching: Algorithms and Implementation
Temporal Representation and Reasoning
Towards Distributed Processing of RDF Path Queries
Using Ontologies
Why Evaluate Ontology Technologies? Because It Works!

Article in Workshop (69)

A Benchmark Suite for Evaluating the Performance of the WebODE Ontology Engineering Platform
A co-ordination model for the Semantic Web
A distributed algorithm for robust data sharing and updates in P2P database networks
A Framework for Semantic Web-enabled Multimedia
A Fuzzy Description Logic for Multimedia Knowledge Representation
A Logical Framework for Web Service Discovery
A method for performing an exhaustive evaluation of RDF(S) importers
A Task Based Approach to Support Situated Learning for the Semantic Web
Aiding the Data Integration in Medicinal Settings by Means of Semantic Technologies
An Ontology Framework For Knowledge-Assisted Semantic Video Analysis and Annotation
Asking and Answering Semantic Queries
Benchmarking ontology-based annotation tools for the Semantic Web
Benchmarking Semantic Web Technology
Classification of Schema-Based Matching Approaches
Combining Ontology Mapping Methods Using Bayesian Networks
Coordinating Mobile Databases
Cost Sensitive Evaluation Measures for F-term Patent Classification
Defining a Benchmark Suite for Evaluating the Import of OWL Lite Ontologies
EASE: The European Association for Semantic Web Education
Element level semantic matching
Experiments of Opinion Analysis on the Corpora MPQA and NTCIR-6
Extending Fuzzy Description Logics for the Semantic Web
Extracting Ontologies from Software Documentation: a Semi-Automatic Method and its Evaluation
Fixing Inconsistent Databases by Updating Numerical Attributes
Fuzzy OWL: Uncertainty and the Semantic Web
IBSE: An OWL Interoperability Evaluation Infrastructure
Implementing Database Coordination in P2P Networks
Integrating knowledge, semantics and digital media into the multimedia generation process
Introducing Context into RDF Knowledge Bases
Introduction to the ontology alignment evaluation 2005
Local tableaux for reasoning in distributed description logics
Logical Reconstruction of normative RDF
Logical Reconstruction of RDF and Ontology Languages
Managing knowledge across distributed semantic peers
Matching Hierarchical Classifications with Attributes
Metrics for Evaluation of Ontology-based Information Extraction
Multimedia, Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web
NFP ontology for discovery and sharing Web services in distributed registries
ODESeW for the creation of R&D projects¿ Intranets and Extranets
OMV - Ontology Metadata Vocabulary
Ontology Driven Text Mining for Cost Management Processes
Ontology Engineering for the Semantic Annotation of Medical Data
Ontology Metadata Vocabulary and Applications
Oyster - Sharing and Re-using Ontologies in a Peer-to-Peer Community
Practical Experiences in Building Ontology-Based Retrieval Systems
Pushing the limits of OWL, Rules and Protégé. A simple example
Rapid ontology-based Web application development with JSTL
Reasoning Paradigms for SWRL-enabled Ontologies
Results of the ontology alignment evaluation initiative 2006
Rules and Queries with Ontologies: a Unified Logical Framework
Rules and Queries with Ontologies: a Unifying Logical Framework
Semantic Learning Narratives
Semantics driven support for query formulation
Semi-automatic Integration of Learned Ontologies into a Collaborative Framework
Soundness of Semantic Methods for Schema Matching
Speaking Words of WISDOM: Web Intelligent Search based on DOMain ontologies
SVM Based Learning System for F-term Patent Classification
The coDB Robust Peer-to-Peer Database System
The coDBz Information Integration System for Autonomous Data Sources
The Fuzzy Description Logic f-SHIN
The People's Portal: Ontology Management on Community Portals
Towards a successful transfer of knowledge-based technology to European Industry
Towards a Theory of Formal Classification
Towards Explaining Semantic Matching
Towards Overcoming Limitations of Community Web Portals: a Classmates' Example
Towards the improvement of the Semantic Web technology
Trust Negotiation for Semantic Web Services
Using C-OWL for the Alignment and Merging of Medical Ontologies
Web Service Capabilities and Constraints in WSMO