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Integrating Ontologies

02/10/2005 -02/10/2005
The Integrating Ontologies workshop will bring together researchers and application developers from the area of ontology software interoperability. Its goal is to promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and future challenges for handling multiple competing ontologies. The workshop will facilitate methodological and technical discussions.<br>For many domains, a variety of ontologies have been engineered, learned, and extended. Each is an interface for a similar purpose yet uses different nomenclatures. To enable collaboration within and across application domains, software agents require transparency between the various formalisms. This requires both semantic alignment and syntactical translation. Purely manual approaches are error-prone, onerous, and insufficient to support the vision of dynamic systems interoperability. However, recent research in data model alignment exploits "meaning" that is explicit and implicit in ontologies and schemas. Consequently, if heterogeneity can be mitigated with minimal use of standards by way of partially or fully automated alignment, then the interoperability of and for commercial, non-profit, military, and government systems will be simplified and improved. This workshop will exhibit new approaches to alignment, translation, and other methods that promise to help fulfill the vision of the Semantic Web.

For more information: http://km.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/ws/intont2005