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FOnt05 - Foundational Aspects of Ontologies

Koblenz, Germany 11/09/2005 -11/09/2005
Representing and reasoning with ontologies is the core technology for the Semantic Web, and is growing in importance in many other areas of Computer Science where structured and hierarchically organized knowledge is of importance. While the need for ontological knowledge representation formalisms for practical applications is abundant, it is apparent that only conceptually and mathematically sound frameworks can provide the means for a significant technological advance in this area. Indeed, formal and foundational aspects of ontologies are being studied in many application domains in order to serve practical needs. It lies in the nature of such fundamental research that a critical mass of different formal perspectives can generate a cross-fertilization of ideas and applications. We therefore intend to bring together researchers working on foundational aspects of ontologies in different application areas, in order to stimulate an exchange of ideas and methods between the subcommunities. We believe that a significant advance in understanding and establishing sound formal foundations for applied ontology research can this way be made.

For more information: http://www.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/WBS/phi/FOnt2005/