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Past International Workshops

Models of Trust for the Web (MTW'06)
Semantic Web Showcase
Multimedia Annotation and Retrieval enabled by Shared Ontologies (MAReSO)
2nd Workshop on Building and Applying Ontologies for the Semantic We
Workshop on Emergent Semantics and Ontology Evolution
Finding Experts with Web Semantics workshop (FEWS2007)
5th International EON Workshop on Evaluation of Ontologies and Ontology-based tools
First Industrial Results of Semantic Technologies (FIRST)
OOA Workshop 2007
Applications of Semantic Technologies
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Semantic e-Science
20th International Description Logics workshop (DL-2007)
International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics - IWOD2007
3rd Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web - SFSW2007
1st European Workshop on Business added-value of semantic technologies - BAST2007
Making Semantics Work For Business workshop (MSWFB2007)
Workshop on Social and Collaborative Construction of Structured Knowledge
SEMPS - Semantic Enhanced Multimedia Presentation Systems
SEBIZ2006: International Workshop on Applications and Business Aspects of the Semantic Web
C&O-2006: Contexts and Ontologies: Theory, Practice and Applications
Semantic Technologies in Collaborative Applications STICA 06
IntraWebs 2006
EON2006 - Evaluation of Ontologies for the Web
SWAP-2005: Semantic Web: Applications and Perspective
BAOSW2005 - Building and Applying Ontologies for the Semantic Web
SWCASE - Semantic Web Case Studies and Best Practices for eBusiness
Semantic Web Days 2005
IntOnt2005 - Integrating Ontologies
Berliner XML Tage 2005
FOnt05 - Foundational Aspects of Ontologies
LWS2005 - Learning in Web Search
P2PKM'05: Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management
C&O-2005: Contexts and Ontologies: Theory, Practice and Applications
Dagstuhl Seminar on Semantic Grid
OntoP2P - Ontologies in P2P Communities
Scripting for the Semantic Web
UserSWeb - Workshop on End User Aspects of the Semantic Web
ESWC05 - Multimedia and the Semantic Web
Interoperability of Web-Based Educational Systems at the WWW 2005
CECC 2005 Hannover
IKMTOOLS2005 Intelligent IT Tools for Knowledge Management Systems: Applicability, Usability, and Benefits
Semantic Web Interoperability Workshop
ONS2004 - Ontologies for Networked Systems
Meaning Coordination and Negotiation
EON2004 - Evaluation of Ontology-based Tools
WORM04 - Workshop on Regulatory Ontologies
SWEB 2004 - Semantic Web technologies in Electronic Business
SWSDN2004 - Semantic Web Services and Dynamic Networks
SWWC workshop
ECAI2004 International Workshop on Semantic Intelligent Middleware for the Web and the Grid
P2PKM workshop
ECAI-2004 Workshop on Ontology Learning and Population
MSW2004 - Mining for and from the Semantic Web
Dagstuhl Seminar on Logic Based Information Agents