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Rules for Event Support by Knowledge Web


  1. Is the meeting actually part of the mission of KW?
    • does it contribute to integration?
    • is it part of another mission (industry outreach)?
  2. Does the meeting add to the popularity of KW by being sponsored?
    • a very visible event
    • a very symbolic/decisive event

Classification of Events

A - KW organized events for outreach

  • They should acknowledge sponsorship.
  • To be evaluated by EPMB.
  • Possible funding.
  • Members can go with their funds.

E.g. Summer School, ESWC could be put in that case (like ISWC for OntoWeb).

B - Starting new initiatives from KW on KW topics

  • Typically a work package or area that want to launch a new event.
  • To be evaluated by EPMB.
  • Possible funding.

C - Large, well-known conference in our field

  • Can be considered for both reasons [1] and [2] but with the understanding that there are no infinite resources.
  • Should be considered case by case.
  • The policy is to not fund them.
E.g. ISWC, EKAW...

D - Open workshops at well-known events on KW topics

  • The partners can spend some of their resources for attending.
  • The organizers can assume that the workshop is sponsored by KW (by the traveling of its members).
  • No additional resource but [F].
  • Organizers can assume granted if no answer by EPMB.
  • No funding.
E.g. ECAI or ISWC workshops clearly fall there, they qualify because of [1].

E - KW meetings

  • Same as [D].
  • These meetings obviously contribute to integration.
  • Organizers can assume granted if no answer by EPMB.
  • No funding .

Classification of other possible topics:

F - Travel funding on case by case basis

  • Case by case travel funding for KW or KW sponsored events.
  • State case by case on funding ved to non-funded-people: this would clearly qualify to both integration and publicity.
  • This could possibly be delegated to area managers.
E.g. Valuable new member state or associated state people or demanded SMEs reser.

G - Sub-event funding

  • The funding of a special action, clearly labelled Knowledge web in an existing event.
  • Funding on a case by case basis by the EPMB.

E.g. An invited speaker, the Knowledge web challenge at ISWC 2004...