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OntoP2P - Ontologies in P2P Communities

Heraklion, Crete 30/05/2005 -20/05/2005
Recently, a lot of research has been aimed at bringing together and mutually augmenting the benefits of SemanticWeb technologies on the one hand and P2P systems on the other. Ontologies are a vital part of the SemanticWeb vision, providing machine-understandable, shared conceptualizations of the respective domains of interest within communities. Peer-to-peer (P2P) systems are a means for communities to establish communication among their members, foster collaboration and provide an infrastructure in which peers can share and create knowledge. The use of ontologies for and within P2P systems is expected be a crucial part of creating P2P communities that go beyond file-sharing. While most existing P2P systems are used for exchanging objects such as data files, which are described by few simple attributes such as a file name or a hash code, ontology-based P2P systems will open up new possibilities. They can enable richer, potentially more useful descriptions of peers, services, and shared artifacts, thus facilitating new ways of querying, sharing, and organizing knowledge within communities. The goal of the intended workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the P2P, Semantic Web and Knowledge Management fields to present their work done within one or more of the topics of interest. We believe that at the present time, discussions about a common understanding of the area, models for distributed knowledge management systems, and novel ways of using, creating, and sharing ontologies in P2P communities are essential for the progress of the field.

For more information: http://www.kde.cs.uni-kassel.de/ws/ontop2p2005