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T-Rex exchange between UIBK and NUIG

Start date: 20/07/2004
End date: 11/09/2004
Topic: Semantic Web Service Discovery
Abstract: Current technologies for Web Services are based on syntactical descriptions and, therefore, provide limited automation support. Research efforts towards Semantic Web Services, such as WSMO, try to overcome this major deficiency by providing a complete semantic description of Web Services and their related aspects. During an exchange from July 20th until September 11th, 2004, wherein Axel Polleres from University of Innsbruck (UIBK) visited DERI at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), it was planned to investigate a logical framework which exploits such formal descriptions in order to dynamically discover Web Services that match requester goals. Based on the the WSMO conceptual model, we worked on defining proof obligations that formalize the concept of a match, and worked on the realization of such proof oblications with existing inference engines. This work has been conducted in cooperation with Prof. Michael Kifer, from University at Stony Brook, as the exchange overlapped with his visit to NUIG. The integration of the proposed framework with WSMX, the reference implementation for WSMO, also received attention during the exchange.
Final report: trex.pdf
has host: National University of Ireland Galway