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Coordination of Real Estate Management

Knowledge Web Partners: Univerity of Trento

In a geographically distributed and complex organization the coordination of the buying and managing processes of real estate is a relevant and strategic asset.
Matching information among descriptions of designs, maintenance techniques, estate descriptions etc. All of this information is emerging from different communities of workers: Order Managing, Research and Technology, Testing, Maintenance and Plant Engineering groups.
Why a semantic solution:
Semantics support a richer matching among concurrent descriptions of rolling stocks and railway materials. Semantics allow an effective design, maintenance, and transmission of train estate and materials during their whole life cycles.
Key Business Benefits:
Coordinate 5.000 employees, according to their skills, over ten workshops (called Business Units, each is specialized on a different kind of rolling stock) which are geographically distributed in Italy and in charge of periodical maintenance of Trenitalia's rolling stock and materials.
Business Partners: Trenitalia and all the complex organizations that need to share knowledge among autonomous units, aimed at estate managing and buying.

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