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In a KM context, workers have personal attitudes and aims at managing documents and other knowledge artefacts, in the way that better suits their needs. KM solutions should enable personal knowledge management and should allow knowledge sharing among workers.
A semi-automatic system of annotation and concepts representation, which expresses a personal point of view using ontology based tools.
Semantic search engine for ontology based queries
Why a semantic solution:
The current approach in KM is to organize knowledge in a standardized way, through a corporate knowledge system. This approach doesn't take into account personal needs and autonomous representations of knowledge.
The traditional search engine technologies are not efficient enough on full text search in personalized and context dependent knowledge bases.
Key Business Benefits:
Allow networking and knowledge sharing processes among workers who manage their personal knowledge in autonomous ways.
Enable innovation through perspective matching
Business Partners: Technology solution provider together with its projects partners, networked laboratories, and Universities

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